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Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the School Community Council, either by attending open meetings or sharing your opinions, concerns, or questions with any of the listed members.

About Community Council:

A Community Council Acts as a liaison between parents and the school, developing improvement plans using funding from School Land Trust.  Effective school community councils work to address the most important academic needs of students. Some of the council’s activities are required by law and rule, but most are simply expressions of community-spirited individuals trying to do what they know must be done to help students succeed.

Every Utah public school has a school community council consisting of the principal, an elected school employee, and a majority of elected parents.

To learn more about the community council, visit the School Land Trust website.

Panguitch Elementary Community Council Members
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Community Council Meetings

All Meetings will be held 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:00 in the faculty room at the elementary


  •        Welcome
  •        Calendar
  •       Approval of Minutes for Last Meeting
  •       Discussion/Review of Land Trust Plan and Expenditures
  •       New Plans
  •       Parent Concerns

2021-2022 Meeting Minutes

2019-2020 School Year

2018-19 School Year

2017-18 School Year

  •    October 18 –  Minutes
  •    November 15 – Minutes
  •    January 17 – Minutes
  •    February 21 – Minutes
  •    March 21
  •    April 18
  •    May 16

2016-17 School Year